Did you know that the single biggest complaint among top software sales talent is when hiring managers don’t follow up with them after an interview? That’s why it’s so important to consider the hiring experience from a candidate’s viewpoint.

Sure, not every applicant will be the right fit for your company and following-up is essential to providing a positive candidate experience and closing the loop. Let’s take a closer look at why you should never leave candidates in limbo.

Following Through Attracts Top Software Sales Talent

Your Glassdoor profile is one of the first things that will influence the opinions of top software sales talent. Essentially, they aren’t going to want to work for those employers that have a history of negative feedback from previous applicants. It’s important to review and respond to this feedback on a regular basis to show prospective candidates that you are being proactive about improving your employer brand.

Then, you can also leverage this feedback to understand why ideal candidates are rejecting your offers and review other analytics like interview difficulty that can be used to improve the overall hiring process.

Top Software Sales Talent Candidates are Like Customers

Similar to why you would never disrespect the regular buyers of your brand, you should always treat candidates with the same level of respect. If you don’t, then to say they will not feel very positive about your hiring process is an enormous understatement. Since it’s easier today than ever to share negative reviews online, the only surefire way to build a standout reputation in the world of recruiting is by following up with candidates. And, according to a majority of sales talent, they actually prefer receiving bad news rather than no updates at all when it comes to knowing where they stand. Always send a timely email that informs candidates when you are making a different hiring decision so everybody can move on and maintain professional integrity.

Other Ways to Ensure Positive Feedback

Following through is just one useful way to solicit positive feedback. Providing good customer service before, during and after the interview will all but guarantee a positive candidate experience. The first step is encouraging interviewers to be prepared and on time.

Lastly, we understand that sending a personalized response isn’t always realistic given the number of applications from sales talent that employers receive. According to most candidates, an automated response that thanks them for their time and effort are always better than being left in the dark, as this gesture can vastly benefit all parties involved.

At Sales Search International, we are in the business of knowing our clients’ needs, their sales cultures, where they are in the market—and where they want to be. Through expert software sales recruiting, we provide access to the passionate software salespeople who are a vehicle for business development.

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