We Get It!

As a hiring manager your day is packed with deadlines, deliverables, and meetings. How are you going to make that IT sales talent hire? Most hiring managers are able to dedicate approximately 30 minutes a week to sourcing for the talent they need. That’s 30 minutes per week or 2 hours per month.

With Strategic Sales Search our unique team approach, you have 10 headhunters working at least 8 hours a day together to fill your open position with the best IT sales talent. That is 80 hours per day, 400 hours per week, 2,000 hours per month!

What You Get:

  • A strategic partner who understands the hyper-aggressive market conditions you face.
  • A true “headhunter” who will go after the passive, world-class talent that you want to hire.
  • One point of contact with 10 headhunters working behind the scenes.

Benefits to You:

  • Strategic Sales Search team approach provides you with pre-screened, qualified candidates— fast!
  • An “aggressive yet professional” attitude, with a passion for filling positions quickly and effectively.
  • Pay for Performance; we EARN our commission. If we don’t fill the role, you don’t pay.
  • You are the JUDGE & JURY. If our candidates are not worth the fee or better than what you can get from other sources you won’t hire them

Strategic Sales Search Headhunters are passionate about technology, making a difference, and the success of our clients. We have been building startups for the three decades and built many of the industries top firms from the ground up.

We deliver!

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