Do It With Class

Congratulations! You’ve landed the job! Now you are faced with the challenge of resigning from your current employer and saying good-bye to some old and/or dear friends. Your Software Sales Recruiting Firm representative will help you draft your resignation letter. Then, make an appointment with your manager and calmly and concisely explain your decision. Your manager needs to hear that you have made a final decision and are committed to your new employer. Be careful not to get lured into any discussions other than your resignation, how they want to handle your last two (2) weeks and the transition of your current duties, responsibilities and projects.

Sample Resignation Letter

The purpose of this correspondence is to provide you with notice of my resignation effective (Date). I have decided to take advantage of a better opportunity for my career and family. After much deliberation, I have concluded that my decision is final.

I know my time at (Candidate’s Company) has been beneficial to both of us. If I can be of assistance during this time of transition, please let me know. I have enjoyed working with you and look forward to staying in touch with you in the future.

(Candidate’s Name)

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