Comprehensive 25 Step Search & Selection Process

Search & Selection Process + Client Partnership = Practically Guaranteed Success

Conducting an extensive search on your own is a time-consuming process that distracts your organization from what it does best. At Strategic Sales Search our tech sales recruiters have distilled over 30 years of successful search experience into an exclusive 25-Step Process and 5-part overall plan of action.

This logical, structured approach means we are not reinventing the wheel each time we undertake a new search. Instead, our tech sales recruiters can concentrate all their energies on tailoring the search process to build the best candidate selection pool for your particular opening.

Here’s how Strategic Sales Search’s 25-Step Process can work for your company.


This is possibly the most important part of the search process. If we don’t understand exactly what you want in a candidate, then the results of the search are useless. That’s why we concentrate on listening first.

1. Conduct a complete needs analysis that will provide us with all pertinent information required to complete a professional search. Includes brainstorming on how to attract candidates from your top competitors

2. Build a profile of the ideal candidate against which to screen potentials. If desired, interview your top-performing employees as part of the profiling process. Prepare a typewritten document outlining the perfect profile and a plan of how to present the opportunity. Obtain your sign-off.

3. Consult with you on industry compensation standards and construct a compensation framework.

4. Assemble the project team and begin marketplace research. Examine direct and indirect competitors and identify additional companies that employ candidates possessing the skills you seek.

5. Complete review and revise the list of targeted companies and candidates. Obtain your sign-off.


This is where 30 years of experience really begin to count. We have the unique ability to identify the best talent in your marketplace, which means the target candidate list we assemble will match your profile.

6. Conduct in-depth candidate telephone interviews using behavioral based questions to ascertain three crucial qualifying factors:
– Do they have the appropriate background?
– Are they willing to change jobs for the right opportunity?
– Do their goals match yours?

7. We can conduct face-to-face interviews of potential candidates or interview them via video conferencing or Skype.

8. Present you with a short list from our process of elimination.

9. Submit resumes and analysis of qualifying interviews with selected candidates.

Comprehensive Interviewing

Here’s where you determine if you have a match. We’ve already increased the chances of success by learning your needs and then presenting the candidates who best meet your requirements. Next, we smooth the way during this vital introductory process.

10. Arrange first face-to-face videoconference or Skype interviews with you.

11. Prepare candidates for first interview, including briefing on your goals and priorities.

12. Prepare you for first interview with emphasis on candidate’s particular goals and aspirations.

13. Debrief candidate.

14. Debrief you and present preliminary conclusions. Politely release any candidates you do not want to pursue.

15. Provide results of in-depth reference checks.

16. Arrange second interviews and discuss particular areas of concern.

17. Post interview, debrief both you and the candidates.


Experience, again, makes the big difference. Our years of dealing with sometimes delicate negotiations can help you avoid potential pitfalls. Our goal is a win-win result for you and your candidate.

18. Verify earnings and negotiate a win-win compensation package.
19. If desired, provide educational verification, credit history, motor vehicle records, drug testing and other background checks.
20. Transmit verbal offer to candidate to help ensure acceptance.
21. Consult with candidate and resolve resignation and counteroffer issues.
22. Confirm start date; obtain written confirmation from candidate.

Follow Through

With Strategic Sales Search it’s not over when it’s over. We have an extensive post search debriefing protocol to evaluate the search process and results.

23. Remain in contact with you and candidate through start date and initial phases of employment.

24. Conduct conclusion interview with you to make sure the project was successfully completed.

25. If acceptable, ask you for a reference letter and permission to use your name for reference purposes.

The Strategic Sales Search Process has Proven Successful Time and Time Again.

At Strategic Sales Search, our tech sales recruiters know a successful search is a partnership between a motivated and involved client, and experienced recruitment executives. We begin by listening, apply the knowledge we’ve gained to begin the research process, extract potential candidates, guide the interview process and then make sure the final negotiations run as smoothly as possible. By doing what we do best, you concentrate on your business, while we recruit your leaders for the future.

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